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Acoustic combo as live solution with Pod Go

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As is the case with many other musicians these days, I am in multiple bands of various genres. So I am looking to trim down the amount of my gear and make as little items suit as many uses as possible with as little compromises when it comes to sound as possible. For my acoustic project, I need a great acoustic sound and so I have the AER Compact 60 IV. It is amazing. Now, I also have a rock band and currently, I use an all tube 20 Watt combo with HX Effects and I am happy. But since like 3 months after I bought HX Effects, Pod Go came out, I started to think about getting rid of the tube combo and HX Effects altogether and use Pod Go hooked up with the acoustic combo for my electric guitar instead. Since Pod go has the amp and cab sims from the Helix family, I know that the quality of the sound might be good enough for me to go straight into the PA in clubs. But I also wonder - will it work well if I use its amp sims with the acoustic combo the same way I would use the electric guitar with a tube combo - having it on the stage and all that? I don't see why it shouldn't since the AER is famous for its faithful sound reproduction, but are there any issues I should be aware of? Are there any hardware, input or output restrictions I should keep in mind? If it is in fact a workable option, it would save me the stress of having to worry about the tubes all the time, not to mention the possibility to just grab Pod Go and my guitar for the rock gigs and in case I want to use it with a combo, I can just take the super lightweight AER Compact 60 IV and thanks to the sims of the Pod Go, I could just pretend that it's an all tube combo :). That would be awesome.

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Only way to know is to try it and see. If it sounds good at home, no reason it shouldn't sound good live. Certainly, an acoustic amp is a lot nearer FRFR than a valve amp.  


My lightweight solution is to use Pod Go straight through the PA. If it's a smaller gig with no PA, I have a Headrush FRFR108 which is superb and I can use as a monitor even if there is a PA.  



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