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Will a Mission Engineering 529i power HX stomp, Aeros and Beatbuddy?


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I have an Aeros loopstation (350mA) a Beat Buddy (300mA) and was powering both with a Mission Engineering 529i. (Max 2A, 2 x500mA outlets and 6 x 300 mA within 8000mAh built in battery)

No problems at all running from mains and/or on its battery with about 2 hours battery time

Just bought a stomp and according to a  youtube vid just seen where they measure it with a meter, it never pulls more than 900mA

So is it feasible to power all 3 = 1550mA using the 529i by using 2 x 500mA outlets for the stomp with a current doubler, and a 2 x 300mA each for the Aeros n BB

This is for a gig setup so there has to be no possibility of it conking out. Would be using it on power mostly not battery as will only be about 1 hr run time with 1500mA draw.

Ive emailed Mission and they said the unit should be fine drawing 1500mA, but wondered if anyone else had an opinion?

Thanks :)

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