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Variax/Helix/Powercab112 Plusses - is live quadraphonic possible?

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Way beck when Pink Floyd used to issue quadraphonic albums... but their amazing live shows were either in stereo or <:gasp!> mono.

Using Helix with Powercabs, is there any way to send a quadraphonic mix out to (for example) allow a phaser or flanger or vibe/Leslie wash to envelope the audience? Or to have echoes 'chase' around the venue? Or to have different sounds coming from each of 4 PowerCabs linked to each other in any way? 

I have an experimental group I work with that I really want to achieve this with, and though I own 2 PowerCab 112 Pluses, a Helix and a couple of Variaxes, if it can legitimately be achieved, I'll add to my existing Line 6 ecosystem...but speakers are large, so if I don't have to have 2 more amps taking up space in my already-packed music room, would really like to avoid it.

Anyone out there ever actually achieve live quadraphonic with Helix, Variax and PowerCab 112 Plus?  How'd you do it?

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