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Helix as MIDI clock source


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I'm trying to control start/stop playback of the Roland MC-101 from my Helix LT (firmware 3.01).


I assume I need to do the following:


1 - Configure MC-101 MIDI sync to external device

2 - Configure Helix to send MIDI clock

3 - Configure buttons on the Helix using command center to send MMC play and stop commands


I've completed step 1 above.  But as soon as I configure the Helix global setting "Send MIDI clock" to "MIDI", the MC-101 begins playback immediately.  


Any ideas why playback on the MC-101 begins even though I haven't issued a "play" command from the Helix yet?




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After reviewing MIDI messages using MIDI-OX, when the Helix global setting "Send MIDI Clock" is enabled, it starts sending continuous "Timing Clock" messages as expected.  But it also sends a "Start" command when it shouldn't.  This is what is causing my Roland MC-101 to begin playback immediately.  And there are no "Command Center" "System Real Time" commands to control the sequencer.


In order for the Helix to properly control an external MIDI sequencer, I believe when "Send MIDI Clock" is enabled on the Helix, it should only start sending out a steady stream of "Timing Clock" messages and nothing more.  And then we need "Command Center" expanded to send the "System Real Time" commands "Start", "Stop" and "Continue".


If any of you are interested in voting for this, I found that someone already suggested it here:




Please add your vote if you are interested.




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