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Using Amplifi as FRFR amp w/HX Stomp?


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Hey folks, was just curious if this was possible. I saw another thread that advised plugging the Stomp into the aux in on the Amplifi to make it actually behave like a FRFR system, and I wanna poke around here and see if anyone else is doing something similar/might have some advice. This would just be for practicing or monitoring, nothing too crazy. 

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G'day Jergles,


I use my Amplifi 150 for an FRFR system with my Pod HD500X with no issues, so I see no reason that the HX Stomp wouldn't work. I don't use the AUX in port though, I have had issues with getting it to work in stereo. I have set up a FRFR patch with all effects disabled except reverb, which I can control with the reverb control knob on the amp. I saved this in tone 1A so the system automatically starts working when the amp is turned on. My signal chain is guitar -> Pod HD500x Guitar in -> Headphones out (To combine L and R if using stereo effects) -> Amplifi Guitar in. System works flawlessly and is perfect for a foldback or small-medium sized gig.


I set up the patch on a whim one day because I needed a foldback and didn't want to go out and buy a Yamaha DBR10 or similar. I was playing guitar for a professional production of Mamma Mia for about a month, and I had all my patches for my strat, acoustic and 12 string set up in my Pod pedal. I had my patches set up with different inputs so switching instruments was as simple as putting one down and picking another up. I had XLR out L and R going to front of house (I had a stereo chorus in play for a few songs, plus stereo effects sound nicer in general), and the Amplifi connected to the headphones out as a foldback. I could control my own level and reverb easily.


Regarding the AUX in and issues with stereo, I now have a similar system set up as a studio in my university accommodation, but I have added a Yamaha MG10XU mixer to the mix (*badum tsss*) I use the headphones out on the POD with a 1/4 in TRS-2xTS to one of the stereo channels in the mixer, the the main out 1/4 in with a 2xTS to 3.5mm TRS connector in the Aux in port. I believe there is an issue with polarity however, because I can get one channel to work or the other, but never in true stereo. I have tried everything to no avail. I use headphones when mixing anyway so it isn't a real issue.


Hope this is at least somewhat helpful for you, and I hope you find something that works for your setup.



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