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PODxt Pro and Pod Farm

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I'm using a MacBook Pro running Catalina. My Podxt Pro Edit software does not run anymore because it is 32 bit and Catalina is 64 bit. I have no way of using a computer screen to edit my patches. I have my Podxt Pro in a rack below the surface of my recording studio desk and is almost impossible to adjust parameters, etc. 


I heard it was possible for me to purchase Pod Farm and use the Podxt Pro as an interface to record through the Podxt Pro and use the sounds fro the Pod Farm. After purchasing Pod Farm software I set the Podxt Pro on a clean setting so all of the effects would be coming from Pod Farm. However, I can't seem to get the stand alone Pod Farm software to change the sounds of my guitar as I run it through the Podxt Pro. I'm using Digital performer to record and I have both MOTU Ultralite and Podxt Pro as dual interfaces (DP has the option to use both interfaces at the same time).

What am I doing wrong? 

Thank you,


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Regarding using the older 32-bit software, I'd partition the MacBook Pro's hard drive and install an operating system that is older than Catalina.


Instructions here:


and here:


One will install the OS that originally came with your machine and you will be able to use the older software!


Hope this helps!

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