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Bass Pod XT Pro - Delete a Glitched Patch


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I have a Bass Pod XT PRO. Last night I was loading and editing custom patches. This morning, I turned it on, and two of the patches are glitched badly. When I start the PC Editor - it stops halfway into loading the list of patches. I think it is because of the two bad patches.


How can I clear those two patches using the buttons on the front of the unit? Not edit them - but wipe them. Because I cannot do it via the Editor on my PC if it won't finish loading all the patches.


I have turned off the Pod and turned it back on. Reconnected the USB cable. Still messed up. I've also hit the Refresh button in the Editor. Still gets stuck during loading of patches.


I don't want to do a factory reset - because I have hours of work into the rest of the patches - and don't want to start over. These patches play fine. But I want to get back into the Editor and continue tweaking.



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Thanks to a Line 6 phone representative - the solution was to save an existing patch over the glitched one. I did this to both glitched patches.


The Editor then loaded up, and I replaced the duplicate patches with others.


However... the same thing has now occurred again. The Editor tries to load all the patches - and stops halfway through. Says things like Not Connected. Etc. 


I've changed USB cables, and rebooted both the POD and my computer. Re-inserted the USB cable, and same problem. 


I did the trusty "Save Over" fix again... and this time the Editor still won't load the patches. Now what...?

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