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Pod Farm2.5(Studio Ux2) and Voicemeeter

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Hello there, 

Recently I started streaming and I'm using voicemeeter Potato to decide what goes to the live stream, what I hear myself and what's muted.
The streaming program I use itself is OBS Live.

Now my problem is that the Pod Farm 2.5 presets arent actually applied live. so the mic is just a dry mic, and the guitar is a dry guitar.

So I'm thinking of 2 possible solutions:

1) Have pod farm process the sounds and apply the preset> send it to Voicemeeter>send it to OBS live to stream.


2) Send to voice meeter>Send to OBS Live to stream> Apply the Pod farm x64 VST

I've got no clue how to do option 1, to me this seems the best option(but what do I know.).
And option 2, I managed to add the Pod farm 2 (x64) vst as a filter to OBS live, however it doesn't seem to do anything.
No matter what preset I give it gives exactly the same sound.

So here are my questions.

1) Which of these two options is the best?
2) How to make that option work, so that the pod farm preset is applied?

Any help would be much appreciated, Thank you for your time to read & hopefully answer this.


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