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Variax Bass Crackle

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Howdy all,

My variax bass 700 just started making a horrible crackling noise come from my amp.  It happens when my XPS-DI is plugged in and is powering the bass.  It doesn't happen on just battery power.  It doesn't happen with a normal (Not TRS) cable between the DI and bass.  I don't think it is the cables, as I've checked each one and swapped them out without issue.  The crackling is separate from the volume of the bass.  It doesn't happen by moving the cable at all, the cable is a livewire TRS, and is only a week old.  I ordered a new planet waves TRS cable to verify if the cable is the issue.  It is always the same distinctive crackle, and I can't seem to "cause" it, it just happens from time to time.  


At this point, I think it's either a) the bass when it's powered by the DI, b) the DI itself, but only with a TRS cable to the 700, or C) the TRS cable itself, but only the power sending section that's different from a mono 1/4" cable.  


Has anyone else had this happen?


On another note, I just recently recalibrated the strings, and the red LED hasn't worked since I got the bass used some time ago.  I just picked up the DI box off ebay.  All the sound models seem to work well otherwise.  I have cleaned all the pots with denatured alcohol, so I doubt that it's dirty connections.

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