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For all G10 Relay users who are getting only a few hours playing time after charging...you might find this interesting

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Like so many users of the Line 6 G10 Relay, I had a really good product that lasted around 7.5 to 8hrs between charges but was ruined by the v1.06 update after which it held charge for only 15 minutes.


Having raised a ticket with Line 6 customer support, they arranged for collection of my original G10T and replaced it, assuring me that a new G10T should give 5.5 to 6 hrs use between charges. However, the replacement barely lasted 3 hours. 


So, I complained to Line 6. This time they assured me that they would arrange for a second replacement but that it would be tested before delivery.  It was agreed that because of disappointing experience and delays with the first replacement that this needn't be returned as at least it gave me 3 hrs use between charges and I still had a G10T to use at home. 


The UK distributors confirmed that they had charged the 2nd replacement twice and that it lasted over 6 hrs on each occasion.  (These claims seemed somewhat dubious in the very short time they had it from Germany to test before sending to me - I couldn't really envisage someone from a busy firm playing it for 12 hrs over 2 days over a weekend - but hey ho). On receipt I fully charged it but it lasted only 3hrs.  This repeated several occasions thereafter. 


So, I complained again requesting a G10T II that reportedly should last 7 hrs.  I was told that Line 6 were not prepared to replace with a G10T II, and to consider a refund I would have to find the original receipt (that was long gone) even though the original was registered with them and returned to them.  As you might imagine, I was hopping mad and if Line 6 didn't get this sorted I was genuinely prepared to take it straight to Frank Ritchotte at Yamaha/Line 6 and as an absolute last resort (although I'm pretty confident Frank, who's a great guy, would've sorted it) legal action using the UKs small claims court 'claim for money' facilities. 


But then a very strange thing happened. Around the 5th or 6th charge, the G10T play time started to increase...4hrs, 4.5, 5.5hrs...and finally worked it's way up to a play time of 6.75hrs, virtually the same as the G10T II.  Currently it's been averaging around 6.5hrs. So, being a very fair guy I disclosed this to Line 6 customer support but asked them to keep the ticket open for a month as I wanted to be confident that this would be the new norm.


And even stranger - the original replacement G10T playing time started to increase after 6 or 7 chargings.  Its now up to 6hrs 37 mins this evening. For those wondering, I time each use with my phone's stop watch and add time cumulatively, so my timings are ultra accurate.  I also ensure the G10T is fully discharged before charging.


So, my message to all of you fellow G10T users that have been disappointed with your G10Ts performance and perhaps angrily thrown it in the drawer, I'd urge you to retry it. BUT....make sure that you always fully discharge it and not try to do so when it just starts flashing red - I'm finding I get at least an hours playing time, if not more, once it starts flashing.  Try your G10T a few times more, because something weird is definitely going on with these batteries and it could revive your G10T.  I'm not a techie but perhaps it's to do with battery memory if charging from a non-fully discharged state.  I'm not even sure if Line 6 has caught on to this, as I've not seen anything on this anywhere.  


Hope my experience here might be helpful.  

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