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Helix Effects Presets


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Hi All:


I'm amazed by the Helix and have been digging into firmware 3.11, etc. since I've gotten it.  One thing I haven't found in the documentation or forums itself is a solid centralized location or resource  'Effects Presets' that can be dialed in using all the many different effects in the unit.  If I had any wish for a future update would be to somehow have 'Effects' presets (not just the user favorites) of classic uses/settings for the already built-in effects.  I've seen helpful tips here and there in random posts about how to get a great Space Echo setting (one guy said set the feedback to 55% and then tie your expression pedal to the feedback amount and change it's min/max range of the pedal to 55% to 84% - great tip), or what a good use of the Double Tank reverb is, etc., but I've only seen them scouring random threads though.  Would love to see even more tips/examples of this.  For example, I've seen multiple threads and videos and still haven't seen a really centralized or great place/way to make a 'shimmer' patch on Helix. I've done my best using a pitch shifter block, spaceecho, and some reverbs, but would love a place to see how such things have been 'solved'.  I've also checked out some of the videos at this link: 


But I've found that to be a pretty time consuming and incomplete way to go through it.  Does anyone know of a link or have a good site to go to see recommended settings/'presets' for the various Helix effects?


Any thoughts or links? If I've missed something completely obvious my apologies, I did search the forums and line 6 site, youtube, etc. before posting this.


Thanks all.

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You could try running two parallel paths using two separate amplifier blocks (one on each path) and running your wet effects for shimmer on one side but not the other.  That said, if you're looking for a preset already made for you then you could try taking a look at the Helix CustomTone web page and search there.

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