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Line6 UX1 Phone output is mono

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So I have a problem, I'm using my UX 1's line input as mono input, I'm recording my guitar amp's line out. I can hear everything well from both sides of my headphone, but I can hear only in mono. I spent like two hours to set one of my tracks to play only in the left, and another in the right side from my DAW, and it's worked from the first minute, but I didn't noticed, because UX 1 sends mono signal to headphones. Checked every settings, can not find anything suspect, basically I can not set too much on UX 1.


Already find some similar issues with UX 1, but no solution.


Do you have any idea, what should be the problem? I'm using a stereo jack, so this should not be the root of the problem.

Any idea is welcome!

Thank you!

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