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AMP settings AC/DC - TNT

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Can someone provide me with good AC/DC-TNT amp settings for the SPIDER V60.

The setting I found on Spider Remote are not realy nice settings, they doesn't sound well.

Maybe someone can help me to provide me with better soundsettings.

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Angus basically plays using the amp being driven hard.  He uses Marshalls, but in my experience with the Spiders, go with a different model.


Try using the HIWATT model, as this is basically a good tube amp that you can push using the drive on the amp, and then push even further using the Spider's BOOST/EQ in front of it. for even MORE push, put ANOTHER BOOST/EQ in front of the hiwatt model.


I like to put the hiwatt model at about 7.5 drive, 5 on the bass, 7.5 mid, and either 7.7-9 treble based on taste/ambiant room.   Overall level at about 8.


This is your basic amp.  You can roll your guitar's volume down to clean up a bit.


If this is not enough distortion to get the sound you want, add a BOOST/EQ.  (forget the distortion effects.  That's not how Angus rolls- he just pushes amps hard.)


Set the gain to about 79.  bass/mid/treb to taste, but I find that a mid frequency around 35-45% is the sweet spot.


This will drive the already driven amp model even more.


You can add a 2nd boost/eq  to push it even more.  Having two boosts in a row sounds good- better than using only one that is maxed out.


Anyway, that's more of Pete Townsend's setup, but it is the old school basic loud/driven amp sound, which Angus uses as well.


A good starting point, at least :)




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Thanks for your replay and help.
I'm still busy with the setting of this song.
I don't find the HIWATT model in the SPIDER V Remote.
The BOOST/EQ I found.
So how can I solve this.
Is there another AMP that I can use to get the good sound.

Spider V Remote.odt

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On my Spider 240hc amp (pre new firmware) the Hiwatt model is called "Hiway 100"  ..on a Helix they call it something like "WhoWatt",  because they can't use the real names of the amps :)


I think the Hiway 100 is a little ways down the model list, after the "citrus" model (ie: Orange)



The guitar and pickups in it are going to play a big role in the proper sound as well.  An SG with Duncan PAF pickups is what Angus uses.


You're probably gonna wanna watch this:




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