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Windows not picking up sound from my UX1?

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On 8/25/2021 at 10:44 AM, fflbrgst said:

Are you sure the UX1 is selected as the audio input device in the Windows settings?

Yep, if I go to the Audio Control Panel > Recording Devices, I can see the UX1 and select it, but the levels remain flat and show no activity. I can confirm other devices work and show activity, like my Corsair Headset.

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Had this issue.


After tearing my hair out all day after reinstalling win 10 yesterday I fixed it! Win 10 had broke my GearBox line 6 tone port UX1 set-up.



You need to go through both sets of audio settings and try setting them up like this. Stereo mix must be enabled in order to hear your line 6 and use with other music inut/output. MY pc crashed multiple times due to not having it set up correctly.


It worked for me!


Hope this helps??



.. now i just need some new hair :/



stereo mix1.JPG

stereo mix2.JPG

sound setting1.JPG

record setting1.JPG

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