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Patch Volume Normalization?


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This may not be a brand new topic, but I couldn't find any recent threads - so posting this question up...

I am looking for / wondering if, there is an easy way to normalize volume levels between individual patches (and banks). 

Seems like the factory presets are all over the map in terms of sound levels, when switching between individual patches (and banks of them).

I get that the pre-amp gain, tone, amp model and effects all add to the overall output, but would be nice to switch patches without the huge swings in output volume

at a fixed master volume setting.

Not looking forward to trying to manually edit the gain stage settings on 100 different pre-sets.

Any shortcuts would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance,


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Looks like a couple of the posts have been infected with some spam links. I wonder if this is a user issue or a flaw in the forum software that allows this. The user comments appear legitimate. Suggested that you avoid clicking on the links, though...

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