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G10S2 & G10T2 (new unit)


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Hey, I have been having this same problem.. Bought the G10S2 / G10T2 (matched).. the older G10S1/T1   I bought 1 extra battery (T2).. I have a Spider V 240HC with the G10T1 transmitter.  works great with the G10S1 & S2.. It chargers after blinking RED then turns GREEN ready to use.   The T2 that came with the S2 blinks RED but never turns GREEN.. But what is really weird.. ALL 3 batteries I have T1, T2 and new T2/S2 battery when plugged into any guitar in the studio will show GREEN.. even the bad battery and no indication it's charging in the S2..


Perplexing.. Talking to Line 6 customer support right now.. and they want the unit back to examine and troubleshoot it... I've had this unit 3 days, and it was the second one, I sent the older one back to Sweetwater (great company), they sent the new one.. Same issues were starting to happen on the S1.. Line 6 told me i should update the firmware, after I did this per Line 6 instructions.. I followed them to the letter, and that older unit quit charging... IMHO.. I believe the S2 firmware is defective because now the real G2 (new) is behaving exactly like the S1 with the S2 update.


Any one else seen this problem?? very curious.. this is a great sounding wireless system.. it is so sad this is now happening and the older S1 is no longer available.. the S1 WILL charge the T2, but the S2 seems to have serious issues.. not much on the web about this.. I hope this forum has some ideas.


Patiently but Eagerly waiting for ideas and comments on this issue.


Thanks in advance.. forum-teers.>..




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