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Podhd500x/dt25 Settings To Get Close To A Tone King Metropolitan?

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Do you reckon it's possible to get get the Pod500/DT25 combo to get close to sounding like a Tone King Metropolitan? Any suggestions on Amp Pre models/settings to get in the ball park?

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I'd go with the Divided by 13 9/15 model.

It has some complex gain and a nice present overall sound.


I've started using my DT25 by itself a lot and I put the same 4 amp models in the same slots for the A and B channels so I can set them up with a cleanish version and a dirty version and then just use a standard footswitch to treat the amp like a 2 channel amp.

The Divided by 13 9/15 model is one of the 4 I picked and I use it at least as often if not more than any other.

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