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  1. I have purchased Native, I have an Activation code and although there is a place to 'Authorize' the computer you are running native in there seems to be no way to Activate your purchase to turn a trial version into an owned version. Was I supposed to be able to download the 'full' version instead of what turned out to be a 'trial' version? That wasn't a choice that I saw
  2. aggravation

    Re-visit - does anyone not also hope for Auto engage wah pedal

    Its kind of ironic the most forward thinking user interface in the industry featured in Helix would have come from a company that has ignored the auto start function through so many generations of their foot controlled devices. And then, as if to mock us, they install a toe switch instead that requires all sorts of cursing and stomping to activate! (this tough love brought to you Line 6, by one of your loyal followers)
  3. aggravation

    Merge Mixer

    When you select a block, then push the Action button, then use the toggle to 'drag' the selected block from its path...thus creating a parallel path to the original location...then push Action again to exit the Action mode, a "Spilt" and a "Merge Mixer" are automatically created to accommodate the creation of the new path.
  4. aggravation

    New FW on the way

    I think if you compared at the volume/frequency of 'customer' posts in each location then you see they went to the right place first...
  5. aggravation

    Helix as generic foot pedal?

    I'm doing it now. It works great. I simply name any AxeFx presets with the prefix "Ax"...like "Ax Plexi"...."Ax Twin Reverb"...etc. So when I scroll through the banks and presets I know what is where. I have tap tempo sending, the expression pedal sending, toggle scene 1&2 (I only use two scenes per preset right now due to programming limitations).... toggle individual effects blocks and of course it sends the Program Change number upon selecting the preset. What would be great is if there was two way communication so the state of the effect blocks would update Helix led's when you change them from the front of the AxeFx or your DAW sends a change, etc.. Also, when switching to Looper Mode, it would be great if the stomp switches that are designated for looper control could have a separate cc#'s assigned when Helix is in that Looper mode than those switches are assigned when they aren't a part of that mode. Also, if you could assign more than one cc# to a stomp so you could program 'scenes' properly without having to use the AxeFx scene paradigm. The AxeFx looks for cc#34 followed by a the scene number to specify which scene you want. Over all it is working really well and has lots of flexibility. It isn't quite as good as the LiquidFoot+ controllers but then they can't provide great amp modeling, USB audio/midi interface and analogue and digital routing like Helix does. I didn't buy Helix to 'be a controller' for the AxeFx. I bought it to see if it sounds good. It does. Since it also does these other things really well it is also the hub of my sound and controller for numerous devices....S Gear and Fishman Triple Play into MainStage 3....AmpliFIRE...AxeFxII. It has really cleaned up the rig and made more time for being creative instead of time spent swapping cables in and out of devices.
  6. I think it was DI who said he was sort of making them up for each video on the spot and not saving them because the firmware he was using was constantly changing...pre release. I'm hoping he has made some since the release of the public firmware and he will find some time to share a few though.
  7. aggravation

    default to display 10 instant access stomps upon loading preset?

    Done! Vote it up here: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Default-to-10-switches-IA-s-upon-selecting-preset/796488-23508?submitted=1
  8. I use the option to have 10 switches/scribble strips set for instant access and then step on the Mode switch if I want to get to the Bank switches to change presets. I'd like that to be the default arrangement once a preset is selected instead of having to hit the Mode switch to get there every time I load a preset.... It might seem like a minor thing but for a device that is so well thought out the option for that feature being absent is really aggravating. Is that possible to do in a future update? Chime in here fellow Helix acolytes if you too would like that as an option. I'll make a post to the IdeaScale site if I'm not alone in this desire.
  9. aggravation

    tip for 4CM

    The ins and outs can have their level set to instrument or line level...that might get the quiet you need.
  10. aggravation

    Line 6 Helix + Atomic CLR = bad sound??

    Ill post a couple of my presets soon
  11. aggravation

    Line 6 Helix + Atomic CLR = bad sound??

    I'm having great success with a pair of CLR's and Helix. When using 3rd party ir's I often lower the Hi Cut (low pass...can't recall how it is named) in the ir block to around 3.5k It has a different effect than setting an EQ block low pass filter to such an extreme setting. It must have a different Q and/or shelf...however all that stuff works. All I know is cutting that way with Low and High Pass EQ block would make it too dull and muffled but doing that *within the ir block* makes it just right....there will still be plenty of high end coming out... I do put an EQ block of the Hi/Low pass type with the usual settings of around 70Hz hi pass and 5500 low pass right after the Cab or ir block. Also, some amps really don't need the Master to be on 10 to replicate a non-master volume amp, set it to 8 or even a bit lower and you still get the NMV sound. And finally, only after you get all that set, make your final 'preamp gain setting'start with low gain settings on the drive block and bring it up to taste. If you get a preset sounding good but it leaves the over all volume lower than you want put a gain block at the end and bump it up 6 db or so as needed.
  12. aggravation

    Unity Gain Setting - signal to noise

    I've been setting the big hardware Output knob to 50% so that once my presets are all created and balanced I have a way to increase or decrease my overall volume depending on the room. I'm playing into a pair of CLR's so I need the ability to control output from the source instead deal with it on the back of those two cab's. Is there any disadvantage to not keeping the Output knob up all the way? Am I working with a handicapped headroom situation doing it the way I am right now?
  13. aggravation

    Helix Bug Reports

    Trying to export bundle the Helix 1.1 times out at 50% every time saying it is 'waiting on device', I have to force quit the app (Yosemite 10.10.5) or it will sit there forever. After that happens Helix locks up after one preset change until you disconnect the USB cable...at which point the preset changes on Helix to the one you tried to select as soon as you unplug the USB without touching any footswitch.
  14. aggravation

    Helix Bug Reports

    After resetting from black screen (cause: I likely saved while output block was selected) I discovered the output levels sounded weak. I checked the settings and all 'looked' good. XLR's set for line etc. but it was obvious the levels were down lower... So after checking/trying everything that could have changed, on the third time looking at Global settings, XLR set to Line etc. I decided to push the knob associated with that setting and it was as if it was actually set for Mic, because although the text never changed...always read: Line the output level did and all was well with Helix again. So if you have to do a reset and the output level seems low check and PUSH the knob to ensure it is set for what the text reads...
  15. aggravation

    Hidden Foot Switch for Wah?

    push the pedal with your foot all the way in the toe down position. It might be a little too resistant at first and it probably has a tension adjustment screw to relieve some resistance if it doesn't break in and get easier after a few times. Thats the way the previous pedal was on the HD500 anyway. Look in the manual on the USB drive for details... Also, see if the manual mentions the switch is not 'live' if nothing is assigned to it...maybe you are triggering it but getting no results because there is no assignment made yet?