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  1. Thank you for the information. I'll try to keep cleaning it, but my guitar room is almost 100% dust/dirt/grime free (filtered and well kept room). I had already cleaned it a ton with duster and the alcohol swipes but will keep trying. My shuriken is 4 or 5 years old, i dont remember when i got it - i think right when it came out - maybe they just crapped out. Unfortunately, I'm working and living in Russia right now. From what I can tell, there is no authorized service centers here and the closest to me is Helsinki (but I cannot get there due to COVID). Do you think this would be something an experienced guitar tech could handle repairs on? Is there any official technical specs for hardware and schematics I could share with them, just in case?
  2. Thank you, i cleaned it up and it started to come through but really poorly phasing in and out. I imagine then the pezio is probably broken.... i'm not really sure which pezio i'm supposed to get for a replacement. unfortunately the link for the full compass thing doesnt seem too work properly
  3. after looking through this forum i saw this thread: is this the same issue? Is is the piezo going bad?
  4. Hello! the 4th string on my variax shuriken makes no noise when i turn on the modeler unless i go into workbench and set the magnetics to 100%. If the variax is turned off and i play, there is no issues with ti. any idea what could be causing this?
  5. I dont know why I didn't think of branching the path like that in Helix - i totally forgot you could do that for outputs. I only ever used it for branching 2 paths to 2A, but never actual outputs. That completely solved this issue. Thanks much!
  6. just to further clarify, in the I/O settings of Protools, there are no options outside inputs 1-8, or any customization of those options other than surround sound settings.
  7. I was able to get some routing done with this and protools - but there is some delay because the audio is having to got through my PC. This so far seems to be the only option i can find
  8. hey @rd2rk thank you for the information. what daw are you using? Unfortunately, i have everything setup like you mention except i don't know how to do this protools/preferences thing you mentioned. i looked in the settings of I/O for protools - helix is automatically all setup in protools, i dont see the ability to reroute outputs as inputs. 1-2/3-4/5-6 are all for the output path options and 7-8 is the dry track, but i dont see the ability to grab the "Digital" output of helix at all. I've clicked and look at every option in I/O that i can think of. ASIO4All lets me play at digital and protools records 'something' (very faint and low volume compared to the Helix ASIO) - but then the PC Audio won't route through ASIO4all, even with all inputs turned on in ASIO4all options. i dont think asio4all is the solution and will cause more issues Does anyone use protools and have an idea of how to make this work?? Protools shows no options outside of IN/OUT channels 1-8
  9. Hello I need some serious help with my setup, i'm at a loss. This seems like an extremely simple and very normal setup. what i want to have happen: PC machine be ready to go with audio output and recording always setup for guitar/bass on Helix Be able to play audio from protools and PC at the same time through the same speakers (backing track + recorded audio as needed/experimenting) Guitar play through powercab 112 only - but also record in protools at the same time Sounds like something completely normal and acceptable, but doesn't work. current setup PC machine hooked up to helix via usb helix connected into powercab 112 via aes cable (digital output for helix path 1) external speakers connected to headphone out of helix so i can have isolated audio control of volume this seems like a simple request, but i'm running into a serious wall with this. Protools requires audio be directed through the Helix, so audio MUST come through the Helix for the PC (both the operating system audio + recorded audio in protools) If i do not set the output on path 1 to Multi or USB 1/2 - it will not record the instrument in protools. However, if i set the guitar to USB 1/2 or Multi - then it will play audio through the external speakers. Multi also doubles down and plays through the powercab 112 with this setup. If i set it to USB 1/2 - then it will not play through the powercab 112+ - it is not an option. These 2 playbacks must be isolated. I need the audio to only play for the instrument out of Digital but record in protools, while still enabling me to use my powercab 112. I posted a thread a while ago about using powercab 112 to record, but thats not what will work for me in this situation. Note: I have tried ASIO4All and did not have any luck getting this setup either. Powercab112 does not show up as a recording device in protools, even though it is showing in asio4all. Does anybody have any ideas ?
  10. Hey there, thanks for pointing this out. I guess i didn't really understand how to setup the IR then. guess there was another setting in the output setting for the powercab too i did not see - where there it was also set to flat instead of speaker (and i guess i can force an IR on the powercab too???) i think i should learn more about the power cab plus :)
  11. Hello! I have a helix and a powercab 112+ i am using a variax shuriken I have a few impulse response (made for helix from ML Sound Lab) my chain setup on helix is simple. Variax input w/noise gate - at about 45 -> distortion (note: tried multiple kinds with a few different settings to try to eliminate issue) -> impulse (tried 1024 & 2048, mono) -> digital out Physically - Variax -> Variax Cable -> Helix -> Link Cable -> Powercab+ 112 Powercab is set to FLAT (issue still occurs even with other cabs set) everything sounds muddy, first off... like real low, all in the bass.... but then if i start hitting chords... all i can hear is a raw input sound, just playing on top of everything and completely stomping out the distortion and everything else... really confusing. Hoping someone here has an idea what might be going on. If i play a single note... its muddy, like real muddy, almost as if someone is playing in the other room.... as soon as i fast strum power chords.... its like someone is mixing a raw input right on top of everything.... Please let me know if you can help!
  12. Hey everyone hoping someone can help me here. I'm trying to get my setup always "ready to role" based on my situation. I have my Helix setup to my PC through USB, setting the helix as amp and the cabinet is selected on the Powercab+ 112 using an AES cable between the helix and powercab. Using Variax as main work horse tl:dr - does anyone know if the AES Digital Output option can capture the final result and play it in protools? or am i doomed to just use the cabs in the Helix and only use the powercab at 'flat' settings? i am outputting the sound with 'digital' to use the AES cable. i have a keyboard hooked up thru the interface as well. it is using AUX in for direct audio playback, but then midi output for midi controlling in pro tools Because of this, path 1 input is VARIAX is outputting to DIGITAL path 2 input is AUX and output is USB 1/2 I'm able to record audio tracks fine from the keyboard in this setup, as well as capture midi. I'm also needing to make sure i can always do the ghost capture for raw guitar input (i have that on USB 7 no issues) If i set the output of path 1 to USB 3/4 i get the audio of the guitar without the settings in PowerCab. Main issue appears to be that - DIGITAL does not send/recieve - only really sends to PowerCab, and i'm not going to be able to capture that unless i have audio sending from the powercab back into the helix - but in this situation it is now a problem because i would have to change the Path 2 to support this audio. so back to the tl:dr - does anyone know if the AES Digital Output option can capture the final result and play it in protools? or am i doomed to just use the cabs in the Helix and only use the powercab at 'flat' settings?
  13. Hey everyone Thank you for pointing this out. So, apparently this is partially on Line 6 - i also have a ticket open and will inform them there but just in case anyone else has this problem. If you are on Windows 8, which I have to be for my DAW machine because its a laptop with an nVidia 980M on it that wont let me upgrade to Windows 10 for some reason... even though theres a sticker on it saying 'Plays well with Windows 10' - do not choose windows 8 when looking for sofware/drivers/firmware/etc. on line 6 website. Don't use Line6 updater either to look for it, because it won't show you it there either. If you download the firmware 2.00+ as noted above, regardless of OS, you can manually install the flash update with line6 updater - after that, everything works perfect. So, no idea why they didn't put windows 8 there.... or filter it out for line 6 update tool.... thanks again for the help!
  14. Hello, I'm having a really difficult time finding information about my setup issues. Maybe i just don't know the proper lingo. I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have my helix floor model hooked up to my powercab 112 plus through AES cable (i got one on amazon). I'm getting audio out, using digital out on the helix None of the controls for the powercab plus are working on the helix (in the output options of the digital out where you can set to use remote, mod, and speaker setup type). Has anyone had success using an AES cable and controlling the cabs of the powercab 112 plus? thank you
  15. Also, the override on the guitar doesn't work for me. every time i go into override mode, it always plays the default after the blinking has stopped exiting the alternate tuning mode.
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