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ISSUES - Using Powercab with Bias FX II


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This is the situation: Guitar goes through Interface (Melo Audio midi commander) connected to Mac with USB Cable - Input.

Powercab 112 Plus connected to Mac also with USB cable - Output.


the problem that I have is that I don’t become a clear, clean sound… (using a Fender Super Reverb patches) it is like a buzzing sound.


it is loud but I think not loud enough. That a problem too.


 Could the Interface be the Problem?


I thank you in advance. ^.^

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MIDI Commander is a MIDI controller only, it does not have an audio interface. So I assume you are using Powercab 112+ as your audio interface.  What app are you using in the Mac? Helix Native? If so, check the input and output levels to make sure you aren't getting any digital clipping.



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