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Vx 700 Needs To Be Fixed

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I was an early adopter of the Vetta and then the Vx when it came out.  Gigged for a long time with a 700 as my main axe.


Now it's not working properly.  The unprocessed tone is bleeding through and mixing with the processed tone.  You can REALLY hear it using any alternate tuning.


The problem is no one here in Phoenix AZ can work on the thing.  Spent a couple hundred dollars trying to get it fixed at the Line 6 recommended service location.  Still no workee. (I've also had the same location do less than stellar work on a POD HD500 so I'm just not wasting my money back there).


I've already bought a new JTV VX but I still want my old VX to work.  The guitar itself is in fine playable shape but is essentially worthless.  Can't bring myself to just toss it out.


I'd spend a the dollars to fix it if I had any confidence it would actually get fixed.  The entire electronic package on this thing can't be more than I'd be willing to pay if I knew someone who could do the work and get the parts.



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You need to work directly with Line6 on this and get somebody that knows what they are doing to work on it. 

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