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HX Stomp Can’t turn on


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Hello guy’s, my hx stomp have a problem of power supply circuit,when I turned the switch to”on”,the screen has light less then 200ms, and it will turned to black screen.

sometimes I can turned on the pedal successfully, but the more times I can’t use my pedal, i change the switch ,and the 1000uF cap,but the problem doesn’t solve…


sorry,my English is very bad,hope you guys can help me!

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I'm glad I foound this thread.
Same here. I had 2 week break with my Helix HX Stomp, after this my  Helix have identical issuse as your.
One day the helix turns on immediately, another day I have to turn on the helix 4-10 times. My software version 3.15.0
I haven't replaced the capacitor yet. Have you solved this problem?

Can anyone from line6 community advise on solving the problem?
I love my Helix HX Stomp therefore I am concerned about the current situation.

Thanks for any help.

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