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Want To Do This Right! Reverting From 2.00 To 1.17 Firmware Sv Mkii 212

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I have found out on here that resetting amp will not take firmware from 2.00 to 1.17 on the Spider Valve MKII 212. I am getting the fbv shortboard this week (on its way). My question is do I need to reset amp first, then DL 1.17 off here or can i just get the 1.17? I am not worried about losing anything. I have my main dirty settings written down. Just what's the best way to go about this? I tralked to tech support 2 weeks ago and they told me once in monkey click on upload from file and find 1.17. Just didn't know if I needed to reset first or would amp automatically reset when i get 1.17 back.

Thanks anyone.

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Reverting to the earlier firmware is very easy using monkey.  As I recall, you just click on the firmware version, and somewhere on the screen you will have the option to revert to the earlier firmware.


It's very easy.  There might be a prompt to ask "Do you want to back-up your presets?" or something like that, but in your case you don't seem to need to.  You can click yes or no...


I wonder why you want to try the earlier firmware?  The Spider's are so much more with the 1.52 and then 2.0 update.  You will be missing so many effects!


I too was curious what was different about the amp models, and have switched back to the early firmware at least twice a few years ago.  I heard absolutely no difference, but boy did I miss all the new features!


Hope it works smoothly for you.

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