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Searching tones in the cloud not showing any results at all


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I have an Amplifi 150 and so far it has worked spot on (at least for the last 5 years) 

Today I connect it to iPad to search for some tones inline, but search results bring up nothing at all. This has always worked in the past, but I must admit I have not logged on for at least a year. Happy to use the tones I already have.

Anyway, My tones are all listed in the App on the iPad and the Amplifi tones are also listed on there. I search the cloud and nothing at all shows up! 

Has this service been removed or is it offline or anything?

I am defo connected to the amp via bluetooth, I am logged into my line 6 account on the app and I have WiFi connection. I can't think of anything else to check.

Any info appreciated.

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