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Catalyst 'Power Amp In' vs PowerCab


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I bought a Catalyst 60W, but wonder if a bigger Catalyst (probably the 100) would make a good all-round replacement for a PowerCab to use with my amp modeller (currently using a Headrush. Shhh!) using the 'Power Amp In' mode. 


The difference of course is the PowerCab is FRFR, but the Catalyst isn't - has anyone managed to compare them, sound-wise, when used as power amps for an amp modeller?

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I own both of these and the Cat sounds a little boxy with my Kemper into the fx return (as a power amp/speaker). It works, it's fine, it's clean but it's no comparison to the Power Cab (which BTW isn't particularly great itself but is solid and more than usable).

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