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Poly Sustain and snapshots question


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Hi all!


I love Eric Johnson, and wanted to try to create a preset with snapshots to be able to duplicate what he did on the intro of his first Instructional video.


In a nutshell, he begins with a clean tone with some chorus and delay, and switches between this tone and a high gain lead sound. He also uses an old MXR digital rack delay to create “infinite sustain” for playing a chord and letting it sustain, then switches back to his high gain lead setting to play over the sustained clean chords.


I am just learning how to use snapshots to try to recreate EJ’s switching possibilities.


Here then is my EXACT question:


How do I assign the FootSwitch control (along with the snapshot parameters,) so that I can switch back and forth between snapshots 1 and 2, with the Poly Sustain CONTINUING to repeat the clean chords UNTIL I want it to stop?


Is my approach below correct?


Snapshot 1 = Clean Chorus + Slight Delay (Poly Sustain ON, FootSwitch set to latching?) fx spillover set to ON

Snapshot 2 = High Gain, (Poly Sustain ON, FootSwitch set to Latching?) fx spillover set to ON.


I play the chord I want to hold out, on my clean snapshot. I press the assigned FootSwitch to engage it.

Next, I press the assigned button to go to snapshot 2.


When I want to go back to my Clean sound, I press the assigned button to go to snapshot 1. If I want to change the chord I’m improvising over, then I press the assigned FootSwitch to turn it OFF. I then do some chord changes, Melodies or whatever, and if I want to hold out another chord to do high gain leads over, I press the assigned FootSwitch button to ON and switch to snapshot 2.


Does this sound right?


Thanks guys for any help!!



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