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Dl4 Stereo Delay Question -

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What is the default rhythm for the DL4 Stereo Delay setting? I'll try to ask this right, it's tricky...


Assuming that the Left channel echo repeat is on the beat, where does the right channel echo fall? Is it a 16th note before the beat, or a 16th note after the beat?


My DL4 was putting the 16th note before the beat and I loved it. Definitely gave that U2/Pink Floyd dotted eighth feel. One e & AH TWO


Then my DL4 started acting squirrely. When I used the stereo delay setting, it would work for a few seconds and then the right channel echo would make a flanger sweep noise and disappear.


I did a factory reset, and now the 16th note (right channel echo) is AFTER the beat (One e & ah TWO E). This does not sound nearly as cool as when the dotted eighth is before the beat.


(The right channel is still acting squirrely, so I need to send it in for repairs. Just curious what the Stereo Delay rhythm is supposed to be.)




Scott Franklin

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