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Pod Hd Desktop & Fbv Express Ii..?


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Hi All,


I have a POD HD Desktop and recently picked up an FBV Express II and looking for input from owners of this same setup about its operation.


Basically, what should I expect to work and what not to work?.. as for me its certainly not working as advertised...This is what I see..


FBV Express mode = ON as discussed in the manual, ABCD Mode

  1. A,B,C,D select the preset. Display shows preset.
  2. tap lit switch controls tempo, Display dot flashes to tempo
  3. Tuner cannot be selected by holding lit switch. Display shows tuning indicator
  4. Looper controls appear to work correctly, but no LEDs light (making looper use "challenging")


FBV Express = ON, FS5-8 Mode

  1. A,B,C,D can control single/multiple blocks as expected.
  2. Tap tempo and tuner cannot be activated from the Express.
  3. Display shows preset, tempo dot, and tuning display when activated from POD.
  4. Looper controls appear to work correctly, but no LEDs light.


Researching possible issues, I found threads indicating that due to a bug, FBV Express mode should be disabled. So...


FBV Express = OFF, ABCD Mode

  1. A,B,C,D selects preset, Display shows preset.
  2. Tap switch controls tempo, Display dot flashes to tempo
  3. Tuner CAN be selected by holding switch. Display shows tuner.
  4. Looper LEDs light, but Looper MUST be in 1/2 speed for play/stop switch to operate correctly.


FBV Express = OFF, FS5-8 Mode

  1. Switch D cannot select an FX block, Yet FS8 Must be assigned to something in order for A,B,C and FS5-7 to operate correctly. If FS8 is not assigned then FS7 is not able to select a block.
  2. Looper controls operate as ABCD mode.


So, as a question to users with the same setup... is this what you see or do I have a faulty POD or Express?


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I've just picked up an FBV Express today, and am seeing similar problems/bugs. On the looper in either mode I can start recording (A) and then loop (B), but that's pretty much it. I need to then use the ABCD buttons on the POD device to stop or restart a fresh loop. Interestingly the corresponding footswitch lights appear when the POD ABCD buttons are pressed, but they do not respond when pressed.


I'm also seeing problems with switching the FX blocks on and off using the 5678 mode. I created a test patch with four FX blocks linked to switches 5-8. Sometimes the switch works - sometimes not. As above, the ABCD buttons on the POD all work as expected, and activate the lights on the FBV, but the footswitches just don't want to play nicely.


In summary, I want to use the pedal in 5678 mode, and expect the footswitches to exactly mimic the ABCD buttons on the POD - both in terms of switching and lights.


Unless I've missed something, this is looking like a horribly buggy piece of kit and will shortly have to return to the shop.

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Hi guys...

Same setup, same problems...


Actually, my major problem is the F***** Switch "D". Does anybody have some news about?


Have Line6 done something about? Did you asked for support? I mean, besides here on forum...

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I just bought a FBV Express 2 ( using with POD PRO HD), ANCD fintions are OK, but its 5678 function doesn't work properly for FX switching- it looks buggy. When I assign the FS to the effect, it operates it once or twice then not any more- FS light doesn't come on either! All my software etc is up to date. I'll have to ask L6 what is going on

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