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  1. Struggling with HD Edit ^^

  2. Hello Smashcraaft, Line6Tony replied me today and told me to open a ticket in order to get appropriate support. May I suggest you to also open a ticket from your side to help this issue to be solved. Hope this issue will find a solution ... PS : Here attached the setlist I'm using today in order to clarify the fact my presets are not corrupted (Pod HD Desktop). All other setlist are empty. MAB_Final.zip
  3. Hi BillBee, I tried today to disable the power management in the device manager, but it doesn't work. In addition to that the bug occur randomly with other patch than MeAmBobo even with factory presets ... it was just a matter of time :/ A this step it clearly seems to be a HD Edit issue. If I click on 'Receive all' then HD Edit is ok and I can play guitar with my presets, but at the next launch the error message will be back, so again need to click on 'receive all'. Hope Line 6 will help ^^
  4. Hi BillBee, Sadly, it's not an usb issue because : - I tried with several usb cables, including short lenght without any result. - I also tried each usb port of my computer (6 on the rear and 2 on the front panel) without any result. - The PC in fresh installed with Win 10 with up to date drivers and audio recording with the POD HD and Pro Tool 12 work perfectly with very low latency. - The bug occur only when I load specific presets (for example : http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/TOTAL_MEAMBOBBO.zip) and disappear when I remove those presets. Any help ? Could someone try to reproduce the error ? Regards, Warfare
  5. Yes, the same issue here ... but I found that this is clearly related to some patches. After a factory reset, I loaded few presets from custom tone library (various dates from 2012 to 2017) and all is ok, no bug. But when I try to load some patch from MeAmBobo package, the bug is back and I have to do the same trick as you explain (Receive all). So it seems our issue is linked to some patches 'specificities' ... but how can we solve that ? I sent a message to Line6Tony to get some support, hope it'll help.
  6. Hello Guys, Same issue here (Code 8000000a) Operation timed out ^^ ​ Any solution ?
  7. Hi Guys, I have the same issue. Even after a factory reset, and after checking my usb câble. once time I try to upload MeAmBobo patches for my Pod HD Desktop, the bug occur : - During the launch of HD Edit I get the time out error ... - If I remove the patches to go back to factory patches, the bug disappear and HD Edit launch correctly. - If I had just one new preset, the bug come back during the launch. Can anyone help me ? Is there a workaround ? Regards, Warfare
  8. Seems Line 6 is focused on new products ... It's a pity to still have such issues with a few years old product.
  9. Warfare

    Firmware v2.32

    Updated too ... seems the tuner is now working well with FBV Express, nice. Anyway, quite happy that Line 6 guys are still updating my POd HD Desktop :), please continue !
  10. Anyway, just to stick with the topic, I really hope that Line 6 guys will continue to update and correct bugs on Pod HD. This is why I choosed Line 6 : excellent follow up and continuous improvement of their products ... but regarding company size (215 employees for 100M$ of revenue) we can doubt about the fact they can sustain support for old produits while new one are taking the front of the scene. I feel that things really changed since Pod era ... So my expectations are : - Bug correction regarding Tuner activation with FBV Mkii Express and Pod HD Desktop - Improved Eq with frequencies adjustement - New bass amps
  11. Could be ... :ph34r: However the are still few bugs to solve (the one with Pod HD Bean and FBV MKII) is still 'under correction' as support told me and to other guys too. Weird position :huh:
  12. From my point of view it is more about next firmware evolution than new functions (bug corrections, changes ... and of course new functions, model packs and so on). Where should we share needs for that ?
  13. Hum, few corrections are still missing (looper problem with FBV Express MK2 - Tuner is no more possible to activate by using floorboard). In addition to that I really think that new amps, a real graphic equalizer and eventually a model pack could be a really nice idea !
  14. Searching for the Extreme feel

  15. Excellent work, thank you, I will take a deep look !
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