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MIDI issues with Looper switches

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Firstly, thanks Line6 for recreating one of my favorite pedals. I loved my DL4 (it disappeared at some point) but that darned 14 second looper limit was pretty frustrating to use, at least for my "backing track" application (e.g. a I-IV-V chord progression). The new one is better in every way. BUT....

I am trying to use a Roland FC-300 ( to emulate the four footswitches with the FC's switches using MIDI CC's -- this lets me keep the DL4 on top of my amp so that I can knobfiddle without having to bend over. It works -- sorta -- but for the record/dub and play/stop switches, pushing the FC switch for either of those doesn't work exactly like the DL4's. My first problem is that once I'm in record mode, I cannot exit it to continue playing the loop by pressing the (MIDI) record/dub footswitch, as I can with the DL4 record/dub one. The only way to exit it is to press the MIDI switch for Play/Stop, which stops the loop.

The FC has two options for CCs -- momentary and latch. Momentary doesn't work right, as I would expect it should since I am assuming the DL4's switches are the momentary type. Latch works better, sorta, but not much. My point is that the DL4 and MIDI switches do not behave identically. Can this be fixed?





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Hi Dave,


Not sure I can help, but I did have some luck mapping the loop functions to the MIDI Commander. It required 7 switches though, all set to latch except Play Once, which I set to momentary.


I mapped the CC numbers & values on page 53 of the manual. The caveat being that I actually had success using CC9 for 'looper on/off' from page 51, not CC0 as shown on page 53. Not sure why there are two values for looper on/off.


For your pedal, I'd probably program the following setup, although it sounds like you may have already done this:


1/6 = CC9, 0/127 - Looper on/off

2/7 = CC60, 0/127 - Record/ Overdub

3/8 = CC61, 0/127 - Play / Stop

4/9 = CC65, 0/127 - Fwd / Reverse

5/10 = CC66, 0/127 - Full / Half Speed


If you are able to use the upper switches when in this bank, like CTRL 1/2 (I'm not familiar w/ your pedal), then you could map Play Once as momentary and Undo/Redo as latching.


Best of luck!

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