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Line 6 FBV Shortboard MkII _ B3F TACTILE SWITCHES REPLACEMENT (footswitches)

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The switches I am about to replace the original ones with are square through hole (4 pin), 6mm x 6mm, 50mA at 24VDC, top actuated (100gf actuating force), round button, B3F Tactile Switches.

These can be found in any online major electronics store.
A bag of 10 such tactile switches goes for about 3 to 4US$.

Be careful when you disassemble the switches that there are tiny little springs with even tinier rubber inserts (about 1mm) at the end of the springs, right under the footswitches plungers, and you should NOT loose these parts.

Carefully remove the solder on the old tactile switches using a "solder sucker" and then clean the holes with "desoldering copper braid" before to proceed to mounting the new Tactile Switches. The new tactile switches are mounted flush on the circuitboard.

The orientation of the switches doesn't matter, as the switches are completely symmetrical, and therefore can be flipped 180°.

B3F Tactile Swtich.jpg

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