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POD GO restart automaticity


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My POD GO had an accident tonight,once it turns on normally,but after half a minute or so later,it kept rebooting automaticity until the screen turned white or black and white,see the picture.


After that,I have pressed the AB Foot switch to boot on, clear all presets, but IT CAN NOT TURN ON,it restart automatcity like the video.

If you open the POD GO EDIT, code 8201 will be prompted,Like the IMG.


If I press the CD to start up and restore factory defaults, I can start up, but I will restart automaticity shortly after it turn on   until the screen turned white or black and white,see the picture.



still the same.NOW IT canot turn on,see the video。so,what can I do?Can I solve the problem on my own, besides contacting a repair agency。。




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The origin of this model is China. In my country, I have contacted their factory, but it cannot be solved. 


I sent it to the factory by express, but the factory didn't find any problem, nor did It encounter any use problem in the factory, so it is inferred that the indoor temperature is the reason??  They sent it back to me. 



  Now the same problem is happening again, I strongly recommend Yamaha to do a recall !! Because we have so many users here that their The screen(display) is patterned(Disordered display)

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