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Amplifi 75 constantly resetting


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Was given my Amplifi 75 last summer.  Has worked great up until about a month ago.  I use it as an amp (naturally) but also used the bluetooth as well as the aux input (makes a great speaker for computer).  One of the things I enjoy is using it for Rocksmith on my PC.  Started noticing that while I was playing the sound would completely cut out for about 5 seconds every few minutes.  When I looked down, all the lights were flashing like it was in a power cycle. 


Searches online have proved pretty fruitless, I did find one guy who had a Spider that was having sort of the same symptoms as me, and his was due to over heating.  So maybe that's it.


Anyone else have this issue?  Are there any schematics out there?  Anyone tear their Amplifi apart and get things going themselves?  It's obviously out of warranty, and I don't have the $$ to pay for repair, especially if it's something really bad.  I used the amp one evening recently and had no problems, but then the next day it was cycling every couple of minutes.



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I have a similar problem or possibly a more serious one.  My amp has intermittent resets every 30 seconds and is unusable for quite a while already.  When resetting the amp restarts and turn on set to the first default tone stored in memory. 


The issue started soon after my warranty expired.  At the time when I called support, I was told that all the cost would have to be assumed by me and could likely require the expensive replacement of my main board which made no sense at all.  

I never had any issue with similar gears.  I don’t gig.  Just wanted to have an amp for casual playing with my guitar and being able to stream music to play along. 


I ended up storing the amp and possibly to address in a future time.  This was a few years back.  I purchased my AMPLIFi75 late 2016/early 2017. 


Two weeks ago, Oct 2022, I decided to check the amp again.


Oddly enough this time I was able to play without interruptions. I did not make any change to the amp, no firmware updates. , no iOS app update.  Just plugged my guitar into the amp as standalone and played navigating between the 4 tones stored in memory. 

However, all ended as soon as I decided to connect via Bluetooth and utilize the AMPLIFi iOS app from my phone.  By that time I was already playing 10-15 minutes without interruptions. 

I have not add a chance to continue testing but I suspect that my amp intermittent resets might be caused by a Bluetooth connectivity or an amplifi iOS app issue(s).  My plan is to retest the amp without using anything but my guitar plugged to the amp directly and play only any of the 4 in memory stored presets. 

This is how I am going to retest:

1. Uninstall the AMPLIFi iOS app

2. Forget the Bluetooth AMPLIFi device from my phone 

3. Make sure my AMPLIFi 75 has nothing connected to it.  Not even a USB cable

4. Plug my guitar direct connection to the amp. 

5. While playing, utilize only the 4 tone in memory and without touching or attempting to connect via Bluetooth


Might not resolve the underlying issue(s) and of course would be suboptimal but at least I might be able to get some sound from this amp.  We’ll see.  Maybe someone can give it a try too? 


Ended up beginning the re-test.  So far so good.  No intermittent reset so far. 

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Updated with comment about testing and a pic.
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