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Amplifi 75 turned brick


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I got a used 75 from a guitar shop which they tested and it was fine. I tried to update it and it got stuck for a very long time, eventually I had to leave and take the phone I was updating it on with me. I came back to find a brick. It won't connect through Bluetooth (I eventually tried to update it via USB, but the amp isn't recognized) and it won't factory reset either. The ABCD lights flash when it's on and while it actually does give out a Bluetooth connection, it's not recognized in the app. It won't produce any sound at all, not even from the guitar. The seller said I could trade it in for another amp, but it's quite a long way and I want to have this one working. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post. My Amplifi 75 is not a brick but it did start to emit a loud, high-pitched, chirping distortion from the speakers and the headphone jack a couple nights ago.

I'm searching for answers but haven't found anything yet. 

I bought it used from Reverb about 3 years ago to use as a practice amp and I've really liked it.

There isn't any other product that has all the unique features the Amplifi has.

I'd like to try to fix the issue but the cost/value might be to much to justify.

Best of luck y'all!

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