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FBV Express MkII repair success


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Hi folks, having had a recent failure with my FBV MkII when upgrading a Line6 amplifier, basically the FBV went to the flashing lights and nothing else happening stage, no USB access and not working at all with any amp, I have managed to repair it with some help from a colleague of mine so thought I'd share.


My colleague discovered that the U1 3v3 regulator had popped thus failing to allow the CPU to start up, possibly as a result of the amp upgrade reboot, hard to tell but I have seen others have the same failure in and around the area of using the pedal to do a firmware upgrade on an amp.


Simply replace U1, ok so its SMD, you will need some decent soldering skills/equipment and remove the original, replace it with a  LF33ABDT-TR, these cost about 50p/50c each. Check with a dvm before boxing up, you should see 6.7v going in and 3.3v coming out. Certainly on my pedal, this cured the fault and is now back fully operational.


Hopefully this will recover some of the FBV out there that go faulty.

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