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HD500X and Behringer FCA1616 cableing setup

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Have Behringer FCA1616 audio interface, HD500x POD, Rode condenser mic and various guitars and Roland Edrums... using Audacity on PC to record multi track stuff

Is there a good way to interconnect the HD500x and the FCA device to then have both guitar 1/4 cable connected to the FCA and the Rode mic in port 2 on the FCA... have the signal then go to the HD500x to apply whatever amps/effects I need, then, back into PC Via USB to record???

Do I take the signal from an 1/4 output port on back of the FCA into a 1/4 input on the HD, then have the HD connect USB to PC..

Currently, am using the HD solely for both instruments and Shure mic input, out USB into PC Audacity and that's working just fine. Course, need the FCA to use phantom power for the Rode...

I guess I could just use the HD for instruments, and then use the FCA to record vocals... but that seems inefficient

Just curious if there is a way to have any 1/4 instrument input Port 1 and the condenser mic Port 1 run thru the FCA. then be able to use the HD to apply effects on each before signal input to PC?? Am recording individual tracks, not all at once, ie.. instrument tracks one at a time and vocals one at a time as needed, not all at once. Everything is then mixed down in Audacity later.

Have XLR and high quality 1/4 stereo cables.


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