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Luthier Made, Les Paul Styled With JT VARIAX GUTS Guitar 4 sale Blue Burst

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I hope this post is ok, didn't see anywhere that it would not be.

Ok, I thought people here would appreciate this more than anywhere else so i am posting this before i go to ebay or anywhere else.  I once had a friend/luthier person (who charged full price lol) make me a custom hand made les paul guitar, and put in the components of my JT variax. I currently have in there seymour duncans a 59 and JB. I had him make the neck just a hair wider than normal because I have a screwed up knuckle Spec's below. I always have liked black on black so, I put in Black fret markers which are small very thin stone. which are hardly visible unless your under the bright lights of stage.  It plays very well and the action is setup pretty well at this point. The guitar itself is about 8 years old. i have all its baby photos in a step by step process when it was made so you can get all those as well and see how it looked at each step in the process.  There are 1 or 2 tiny blemishes that you can see in the photos and 1 thumbnail size one. The thumbnail size one occurred when the case came down on the guitar and it wasn't fully in the case and the metal tooth clipped the top/side of the instrument. Its a repairable injury i have been told.

Looking for $1200 for this one. Considering I have over 3500 into it, seems a fair price.


I love this guitar, however, its time for me to clear out some of my guitars as I need $$ to cover other bills. 


Neck width is 45.4mm at Nut and 59.7mm at conclusion.

Neck thickness is 22mm at nut and 24.44 at 12th frett.


If anyone is interested in this bad boy, text me at Nine 5 Four Two 3 Four Four 8 Two 7







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