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Helix LT and REAPER How do I record and monitor?

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Hi! I'm trying to get the sound of my guitar through Helix as the Audio Interface to Reaper.
First of all i have to say i'm using a Presonus AUDIOBOX USB96 to get the sound of my PC headphones connected to it.

Helix LT upgraded, HX Edit upgraded, downloaded last Helix drivers to PC.

With the Helix only connected to PC through USB.


And preferences of the DAW:



When i click on the record button I see It records whatever I play, but when I play it to hear what I recorded nothing sounds.


Let me know if i'm doing something wrong

Thank you on advance!


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JohnD2000 is correct. When you set your device to "ASIO Helix" it becomes your interface. You can either plug headphones into Helix to monitor, or you can run cables from Helix to powered monitors to monitor. I like to record a stereo track every now and then and have used my helix to do it and ran into same thing. If you have a dedicated interface you can just run your helix to that and you will be able to monitor that way without having to change devices.

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