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Pod X3 - don't reload a bunch of defaults all the time?


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Hello everyone, new Line6 user here. I just acquired a Pod X3 (red kidney bean format) for a good price. It's a pretty powerful and good sounding machine. I keep the main outupts both muted, and connect with USB to a laptop where i use Renoise to add other effects such as IR cab sims, etc. This is the only way i can disable the "local echo" aka "direct monitoring" of this unit. There's a major annoyance with this setup, and i guess it would still be an annoyance in general.


First, if i'm looking for an amp model and/or want to A/B compare with another one, it's a huge pain in the lollipop because the default values for that amp AND its associated cab get reloaded if you just change the amp model. This happens with (most) other effects as far as i can tell, but it's mostly annoying on the amp+cab modeling.


A similar problem is when changing presets, my connectivity settings under "inputs" and "outputs" always get changed. I always have one instrument connected to each of the inputs (guitar on guitar-in to tone 1, and bass on XLR to tone 2) but this gets messed up each time i change presets.


Also, is there any way to send a recorded DI signal from USB to be processed by this unit - such as pre-recorded dry guitar tracks for re-amping with different amp/fx without using analog cables? The 8-channel output is very powerful but the 2-channel input could be massively improved by adding an extra channel / pair of channels for this. One for guitar-in, one for XLR-in?


Just in case anyone happens to dig out the old firmware code for this machine (or even better, release it :D :D !!!)


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