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DL4 mkII Lights

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Seconded. I really can't believe that the difference between having a loop stored and quiet vs having that loop playing, is a meager drop in brightness in that little ring around the second button. When you're using a DL4 in a creative flow with other loopers and gear, it's sometimes necessary to look at it to see if it's playing. It's cool that they now have a visual indication of a loop being stored while the pedal isn't playing (that didn't exist on the original), but the indication they've given us isn't distinct enough to address the more pressing use case (playing or not) because it's easy to see the light on and not know whether it's the brighter or dimmer setting. The difference between play/silent-and-stored states should be color ideally, or, less ideally, a much greater brightness contrast.

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I love the DL4 MkII but hate the brightness of the buttons. I play lots of concerts and got to look always 2 to 3 times to see if the preset is active or not.


I beg Line 6 team to increase the difference between a non-active preset bank and an active one....

Simply dim down more the non active ones and all will be fine. Easy firmware fix. Please!!!



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A thousand times this, I desperately want this. It seems like there’s so many potential options. Use the yellow or red colors to indicate that it is bypassed. Use a dim pulsing green to show it bypass. Anything at all. It’s just not realistic to look at the light and remember whether it is a dim green, or a bright green, I always have to hit the switch to confirm, and obviously that messes me up 

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