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Bass Pod XT Pro Select Knob Issue

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I have a Bass Pod XT Pro that I bought from Guitar Center. When using it as a practice amp, through headphones, I have no complaints. I can select patches with the rotary Select knob, in either direction. 


Now, I'm running it as a "pre amp" into my bass amp's Effect Return. Sounds fine for the most part. However, the Select knob is not stepping through the patches sequentially. It will skip some, or go into Manual mode at any given time. Glitchy, in other words. Doesn't feel like the pot is worn physically. Electronically it's not hitting every patch in order. For example, it might go from 12C to 1A in one click. Going counter-clockwise is better, but not always perfect. The pot is not wobbling or anything.


Also, the 4 soft buttons are not letting me select the A B C D channels of a bank. I'm not in Edit mode, so what's happening...?


My question is - before I open the unit up - has anybody experienced this besides me...?  Does the pot need a spray of electronic cleaner perhaps...? OR is it time to replace the pot...? (And where do you get one...?). Will an FBV solve my problem (assuming the FBV is working perfectly)...?



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