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Bass Pod XT Pro as a Pre Amp - Volume

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Now that I am running my Bass Pod XT Pro as a rack pre amp into my bass amp's Effect Return - it is bypassing pretty much all of the amp's controls. This particular amp head only has volume (i.e. Pre and Post Gain) control in front of the power section. 


I'm finding that what sounded uniform through headphones... sounds a bit varied running out the back of the Bass Pod XT Pro. Some patches are louder than others - which wasn't that apparent in headphones. Maybe they were leveled equally. I don't know.


As for the rear connection - I am using the Unbalanced Analog out, in Live mode. Front panel Output knob is roughly on 9.


Since I cannot raise or lower the amp head's volume to compensate... I presume it has to be done through the Pod Pro. But if I tweak a Pod knob - it immediately goes to Edit mode. Does that mean I can only raise volume by going into the patches themselves, tweaking the output level to taste, and then re-saving the patch...? I was hoping to just reach for a knob and adjusting on the fly while playing live, without "permanently" changing the patch.



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