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HX Effects Patch Cables?


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At a point where I want to use both expression pedal jacks and both pairs of sends and returns and there's not a lot of room there.


I've got some Miracle Sound right angles and they both fit in the expression jacks, but, the middle jack of the 6 on the bottom row is close enough to the one on either side that the cable in the top jack in the middle can't go between them on either side. The rest of them are "outside" of the other cables and can be angled a bit.


LINE6-HX-EFFECTS___1.jpgI just totally realized it's actually the same problem dfor the L/Mono input I plug my guitar into.


I just tried the Miracle Sound ones again and I was able to "squish" them in where it squeezes the little rubber ribbed "flex/grippy thing" right at the molded plastic connector:




I've got some classic pancake style and they're just too big - they overlap vertically (and just barely fit horizontally.

George L's would work but I am not a millionaire. I suppose worst case, I might be able to use only 1 or 2 George L's in the top row and the rest be like the more typical molded plastic ones.


But something that size, where the cable coming out of the connector is already the smaller diameter to fit between one pair of the lower jacks is necessary.

George L does make a 1' one for 18 bucks so worst case, there you go. But I'm hoping to find something the line of some less expensive cables (and making my own is not a happening thing unless those new Ghost Fire DIY kits work well). I'm not seeing anything at the usual haunts that's not a pancake or the ribbed rubber housing (though if I could find one of those that was narrower...).


Though a secondary thought is that's more just a grip/flex thing, so I could in theory whittle it down a bit...








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