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Guitar Rig Set Up Advice

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Hi Guys, hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I have the Boss GT-10, like some of the tones, I have a Rolland RC-50 and run all into a mixer out to stereo amp out to 2 speakers and a bottom.

I purchase line 6 POD farm using the Line 6 UX2 and FBV Shortboard MkII,. I like some of these features as well.

So, the big question,
(by the way, this will be used for the most part for home studio recording).

What would be the best way to set up the systems together?

Split with and AB Switch.

Run one into the effects loop.

Basically, I am looking to get the best tones I can, But also trying to keep the most options as well. Any help would be great. Thanks

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