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Pod Go, pedal volume is stuck at 73% maximum


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Hy everyone, for a few days, when I change a preset on my Pod Go, the volume is at 100%, when I use the volume pedal, the maximum is then 73%, I can not go further. I made the necessary adjustments (min position, max position) but I still have this problem. Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks in advance !

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I suspect this may just be a minor software 'file path corruption' glitch.  Are you on the latest firmware v1.40?  If not I recommend you upgrade your firmware.   


If you are on v1.40 I suggest you back up your patches & reset Pod Go back to factory.  Before reloading your saved backups check to see that the restored factory presets are working as you'd expect.  If OK, re-import your backups.  If not OK I recommend you raise a support ticket with Line 6 customer support.  If OK but the problem recurs when you re-import your patches then your backup might be corrupted.  

I strongly recommend folk back up their patches anyway as individual .pgp files. Here's a post did on one of the facebook pages with tips on backups

Hi guys & gals, and a very Happy New Year to everyone. Although I’d kind of assumed that this was pretty much common knowledge I’ve since picked up that it’s not, so the following might be useful especially for those who’ve used up all their Pod Go slots, & who need patches to suit different guitars, amps, FRFR, headphones etc and are worried about tweaking/over-riding settings and losing the originals.
OK, I think Pod Go users are pretty familiar that when there’s a firmware upgrade (which incidentally you should only ever do through the latest Pod Go Edit) the process creates a back-up for you. You can also create a similar back-up if you go into ‘file’ in Pod Go edit and select ‘create backup’. These backups are a total backup of everything in your Pod Go and are convenient from a ‘safety’ aspect as these will get all your patches and IR’s back into your Pod Go if there was a glitch/failure & you lost everything. But it’s an ‘all or nothing’ backup and you can’t see and access individual.pgp or .wav (IR) files within the back-up file, which is a bit of a nuisance if you mucked up a single patch and wanted it back how it was.

Now, I think most folk know you can save an individual .pgp file and export it to share or put on Line 6 Custom Tone etc. But some folk are under the impression that it’s a long and laborious process to save every .pgp and .wav file in their Pod Go – with up to 128 files in User, factory & IR sections that’s 384 files. But it actually only takes a minute to create a full back-up of all your user & factory patches & IRs in their proper .pgp and .wav format. Here’s how – I’ve made this step by step but the whole thing takes less than a minute:
1. On your PC or Mac create 3 folders and name them e.g. ‘My factory’, ‘My user’ and ‘My IRs’
2. Connect your Pod Go to Pod Go Edit
3. Select ‘user’ patches in Pod Go
4. Click on patch ‘01A’ to highlight the whole entry in grey including the patch number (don’t select just the name where it highlights in blue)
5. Using the scrolling bar on the right of the patch list, not your mouse, scroll down to the last patch (let’s say you have used all 128 slots and its 32D but if you have less just go to the end of your list) and just hover the cursor over the patch name and it will highlight it in grey.
6. Now, hold down ‘shift’ on your keyboard and left click your mouse on the patch – you’ll now see ALL 128 factory patches grey highlighted. Now right mouse click and select ‘export’ or ‘Control+E’.
7. A ‘browse for folder’ dialogue box will appear. Go to the ‘My user’ folder you created in step 1, select it and press ‘OK’. ALL your patches will now load into that folder and they will be in full .PGP format that you can import back to Pod Go as individual files, or as a group set, or the whole list. So if you mucked up say patch 24B all you need do is go to that patch in your backup and drag and drop it back in to the relevant slot in Pod Go Edit.
8. Repeat the same process for your factory and IR patches, and you’re done.
What’s great is that you can create groups of custom patches eg gig sets, patches for different guitars, patches for headphones tweaked for FRFR etc. Even if you’ve run out of blank slots, once you’ve backed up your original patches, it doesn’t matter if you copy these over other patches you don’t currently need because you have all of those patches backed up. And there’s no limit to the backups you can create. If you wanted to have 15 gigging patches for your Les Paul and 15 for your Strat and 2 for your acoustic, you can import and export these patch groups easily with no risk of losing anything you have. You can use the import & export set-list option within the Pod Go Edit ‘File’ tab, or just drag & drop these in. You can create umpteen patch groups eg those you’ve tweaked for FRFR or with your amp v those you’ve created for Headphones use. The options are virtually endless.
You can even create template patches based on your favourite settings so that you don't have to start from scratch when you are creating a new patch.


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