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Persistent Dropouts with Line 6 Wireless Pod Go


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Hi Guys,

I own the Line 6 Wireless Pod Go, but I am experiencing persistent dropouts when using the wireless connection in the rehearsal room.


It seems that this issue may be caused by the presence of four other wireless in-ear systems being used simultaneously by my band during rehearsals.


Despite attempting to manually choose a wireless channel on my Pod GO board, the problem persists. Interestingly, when I switch to my old Sennheiser guitar wireless system, I experience no difficulties at all.


I am wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar challenge and if there is a solution available besides manually selecting a channel,  - which does not seem to resolve the problem.


Thank you for your assistance.


Best regards,


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Unfortunately this is not an uncommon issue, with umpteen reports of problems with Pod Go Wireless on every guitar forum that I'm on. Some are simply set up issues, but others are just inextricable.  For example, where a second guitarist is using the Line 6 G10 Relay with no problems re range, signal quality or drop out, the guitar using PGW has the same issues as you regardless of channel.  


Even Line 6 customer support haven't come up with a plausible explanation as to why PGW seems to be less reliable than the Line 6 G10 Relay when on paper it's the same wireless system albeit with PGW giving channel control.  Logically it should be more, not less, reliable. 


I have a PG and G10 Relay, and have to say if anything happened to my PG I'd only replace it with a PG and would never buy a PGW. 


Sorry this isn't helpful but other than checking set up, or rebooting your PGW back to factory and/ or changing the channel it's difficult to offer you any other guidance than suggesting you refer to Line 6 customer support.  But based on what I've read on many forums I'm not sure how helpful they can be. 


Needless to say there are loads of PGW owners who are delighted with it, but I appreciate it's no consolation to those having problems. 


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