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Pod Go ampage power requirement is no more than 1 amp - so a 3 amp PSU is over the top


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I don't think I'm saying aything untoward in being critical of the Pod Go PSU which in my view is it's weakest feature.  The ugly and awkward wall wart, with it's short thin cable and angled pin connector is just dreadful.  Even Line 6 don't like it but say it solved certain problems.  


So, understandably many users have been seeking to replace it with something more robust but because the official adapter is rated to draw up to 3 amps it's been assumed that Pod Go requires this level of current and folk have been trying to find  suitable alternative PSU with similar specs.  Line 6 have been very uncooperative eg when I asked them for Pod Go's actual power requirements I was told Line 6 don't divulge this. 


So, if the more powerful Boss Gx100 only requires a 1.2 amp supply, which is at the higher end for an MFX, how come Pod Go is alleged to require 2.5 to 3 amps. 


The truth is it really, really doesn't. In fact it's actual draw even fully lit up is under 1 amp. Why am I confident on this? Well, there are YouTube vids testing various Line 6 units on this but to corroborate their findings, I've just seen a post where the electrical tech engineer for PMT guitars, who are very well respected, has tested Pod Go and confirmed this:


"So I popped in to PMT in Bristol. They have an independent electronics guru in there who works out of the back of the store. He confirmed that the Pod Go doesn't need more than 1 amp, and that Line 6 push for 2.5-3a for their own benefit (consistency across their power units). I also wanted a 2-piece power unit with the transformer inline rather than in the plug (too many challenges trying to plug into a 4-way power reel). The tech guy made me up a power pack with the current plug and polarity, and an inline transformer for less than £20."


Couple of things. First, there are power consumption tests by techs of various Line 6 MFX gear on Youtube which corroborate the above.  Second you should always have a safety buffer.  The Boss GX100 max draw is 1.2 amps, and it's PSU is 2 Amps. So as a rule of thumb allow an extra 2/3rds to be safe. Thus if Pod Go's max draw is under 1 amp, then a PSU rated at circa 1.7 amps should be 'ample' ( :) ).


So there you have it, and I hope this helps you find a better PSU for your Pod Go.  Needless to say you still need to ensure the polarity and barrel size are correct and you don't buy a cheap alternative that might give noise.  But Pod Go needing 3 Amps? .. That is simply not the case.


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  • voxman55 changed the title to Pod Go ampage power requirement is no more than 1 amp - so a 3 amp PSU is over the top

Excellent thanks for that ,i can get something a lot more robust sorted now.


More good news for Pod Go wireless users too.

I experienced drop out issues and bad interference with mine during three different gigs, ,on each occasion i had to revert to cable ,though unfortunately on the last occasion it wouldn't even work with a cable, so ended up plugging straight into the front of my amp without any effects.


This was a replacement unit too for the initial one which was faulty, though it was out of the replacement warranty, so the shop still fix under their three year repair warranty.


So it has been sent back to me with the wireless issue now repaired ,and i've been assured ,with details of the actual repair.


I will not get a chance to view it till tomorrow, but i'll post the details of the repair up soon after.


Great news, because being a g10 user the wireless thing was the bigger selling point for me with the Pod Go.

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