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DL4 MkII Possible firmware features

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Hello all!


I just traded a bunch of pedals i wasn't using and a Ditto X4 for a used DL4 MkII. I was using the Ditto X4, but saw that the  MkII allowed for the delays to be used with the loop, plus it had MIDI functionality. I got it home and stared looking through the manual at all the features. I hooked up a drum machine that i used to clock the Ditto x4 and soon realized that the MkII loops cant be quantized to MIDI clock. It was a little of a deal killer, so I called the music store back and asked if i could get the Ditto back. They said they would hold onto it for me. I figured id mess with it, since I had it for Thanksgiving. I  was putting it through its paces and enjoy the delays and reverbs. The looper is really lacking. One HUGE thing besides the quantization is the decay of the loop if left in overdub mode. Its cool, but would be nice if it could be switched off. I know I'm used to using the Ditto x4, but at least it gives the option for the loop to decay.


Could quantization and loop decay options be added in a later firmware??

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