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HD PRO X Knobs 3/4 Issues


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Apologies if this was already covered somewhere before, please direct me if true. As of recently, control knobs 3 and 4 on my HD Pro X are no longer functioning properly, and I’m worried about the other two. When editing effects or amp/cab parameters, one or two clicks either direction sets that setting all the way down to its minimum value and can rarely ever go back up. Has anyone else ever experienced this, and if so, how did you get it fixed? I love this unit and am intending on using it for live applications soon. I would hate to have to get rid of it. 

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Line 6 24-12-0001 - 24-Step 25mm Encoder


The rotary encoders under the display are worn out and need to be replaced.
In a radioshack in your area look for "24 step encoder w/25mm shaft" like the one shown in the photo above, they cost very little.
Have the replacement work done by someone who has electronics technician skills unless you are capable of doing it yourself.



All about POD HD500/X

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