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Tone Difference Between Dt25 Combo & Head/cab?


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Just curious if anyone has A/B'd the DT25 combo with the head/cab?


Is thee a difference in sound between these? Does the head through the DT25 112 cab sound the same as the combo?


When connected to PODHD500 the output would be Combo Pwr for the combo and Stack Pwr for the separates so I would have thought the tone would be different?



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+1 what Zap said.


I have a DT25 head & 2 DT25 Cabs, I also have 2 Spider combos, one SIV 120 and the other a SV 212 MKII 


Personally, I much prefer the tone from a closed back cab. The bass is much tighter. Everything "feels" punchier (technical term). Ask yourself how many open back monitors do you see either for PA or desktop (mixing) monitoring? How many bass amps are open back? However that being said, guitar amps have offered open back combos for years and many players like them.


Plus, with the Head/Cab combination you split the weight up. This was a benefit for me. I am not interested in power lifting a 2x12 combo into my truck anymore ... lol !~! 


Remember, in the end though, it is ALL about what tone YOU prefer. Best test of course is to try each combination side by each. Then you will instantly know. The DT25 Head/Cab is a slightly more expensive proposition.

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